Meet our People: Sam Bennett

Participating in the Baker Tilly International Programme is the one of the strategic tools to move talents around and for our people, they are able to experience the new cultures, cities and working practices which contribute to their personal growth initiatives.

Sam Bennett_c

Sam is a graduate from the University of Melbourne and has been with the Baker Tilly Pitcher Partners (in Melbourne) since 2011. Here is what Sam has to share about his international secondment experience and his life in Malaysia.

1. What work did you undertake during your secondment?

I was in the audit department and I was exposed to a wide variety of clients from different industries. For example, I got to visit the office of the world’s largest glove
manufacturers, a lighting company and a marketing company, I also had the opportunity to meet with great and friendly people as well as learn the disciplines of business across various industries which will be very useful for my career progression.

2. What did you benefit from the secondment?

The benefits have been endless, especially with great colleagues and the excellent environment in Malaysia. I must say my colleagues here did an excellent job in being a great ‘host’ to helping me fit into the Malaysian work environment and culture. The support I received from the partners and management was awesome. Personally, Iiving abroad and working with people from a different culture, helped me mature as a person and improved my work and social network by meeting new people. It is a valuable experience and I believe it will have a lasting impact in my life.

3. Would you recommend the international secondment programme to others?

Yes and a Secondment to Malaysia is a great choice if you are looking for a life-changing experience that will stay with you for a long time.

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