Meet our People: Kenny Yeoh


I am Kenny Yeoh, and I have been working at Baker Tilly since 2009.

1. What appealed to you to join Baker Tilly and what did you gain while working with the firm?

I was first attracted by the dynamic work culture, strong ethics, and deeply ingrained values of Baker Tilly. For a mid-sized accounting firm, Baker Tilly offers a wide range of clients, from big public listed companies to sole proprietorships and charitable funds. I have been given the opportunity to explore and work in different areas of accounting and finance, which has been a fantastic challenge and learning experience.

2. How has Baker Tilly helped you to develop professionally?

My work in different aspects of the industry exposes me to lots of diversity, both in terms of the people I meet and the environments I find myself in. Learning the intricacies of different types of accounting has allowed me to broaden my knowledge base while boosting softer and equally important skills like interpersonal communication.

Baker Tilly empowers its staff to work independently, while giving ample support – I made friends across the company over the years. Most importantly, I always felt that my contributions are respected and recognised, which gives me the drive to put in my best and excel.

3. What is your aspiration?

I look forward to what I can achieve in the future, with continuous support from Baker Tilly. I like the way the team works; it is like a big family, full of colourful people, different cultures and an amazing team spirit.

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