Meet our People: Kumar Jai


I am Kumar Jai and I have been working at Ferrier Hodgson MH since 2008.

1. What appealed to you to join the Ferrier Hodgson MH team?

I was first attracted to Ferrier Hodgson MH because of its reputation and strong presence in Malaysia. Ferrier Hodgson MH has provided a platform to hone my knowledge and skills through managing various assignments and exposure to variety of clients.

2. What do you enjoy most about working in Ferrier Hodgson MH? 

I am a person who likes to challenge myself for self-improvement and dynamism. Ferrier Hodgson MH caring and client centric culture allows direct interaction with clients and the partners which broaden my exposure.  I am also given the opportunity to build local and international networks build international which benefits my career progression.

3. Would you recommend your friends to join Ferrier Hodgson MH to advance their career opportunities?

Ferrier Hodgson MH is well-known for its dedicated professional service in corporate advisory, forensics and corporate recovery. If you have passion to develop your career in these sectors, Ferrier Hodgson MH is the place to excel.  We emphasise on “Family-Oriented” culture through encouraging a good work-life balance and at the same time, doing our utmost in the career development of the people.

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