Meet our People: Stephanie Williams


I am Stephanie Williams, and I have been working at Baker Tilly since 2011, when I moved to Malaysia from the United Kingdom.

1. What appealed to you to join Baker Tilly?

I started out in a 3-year graduate programme offered by audit firms, and subsequently qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the UK. I was interested in Baker Tilly specifically because I wanted to be involved with the large number of charity clients that the UK branch worked with.

Since then I have discovered many other advantages to working here, such as the size of the organisation, both here in Malaysia and back in the UK. I am exposed to a wide range of work through Baker Tilly, but the firm is also small enough for people to get to know each other well, and get recognised individually for their work. I transferred to Baker Tilly in Malaysia because I wanted to stay within the Baker Tilly network.

2. How is it like working at Baker Tilly?

Accountancy is a highly professional career that involves a large quantity of knowledge, so naturally there is a lot of study involved for exams. On top of the academic knowledge gained from school, my work in the technical and quality assurance department requires me to learn on the job. In addition to the constant updating of my skill set on the job, I do a lot of research and self-study to gain a clear understanding of complex pronouncements and keep abreast of new accounting developments. My job is quite varied and involves plenty of ad hoc assignments, which keeps me on my toes and the job interesting.

3. What do you enjoyed most in your work and what is your aspiration?

Technical and quality assurance entails a wide variety of tasks, and I enjoy the flexibility and experience gained from working with such a range of assignments. Living and working in a different country has also given me the opportunity to make new friends, discover new places, and push my own limits, both professionally and personally. I look forward to the opportunity to progress in my career at Baker Tilly.

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